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 buildingSince 1998 AMB Ambition Electronics Co. Ltd. has been building an excellent reputation for manufacturing low, medium and high voltage frequency inverters, variable speed drive and AC drives in mainland China.

In 2014 EMAC POWER LTD joined AMB in a partnership to promote international export sales of Ambition electronics full range inverters and motor drives. What’s more, we supply three-phase induction motor, explosion-proof motor, electric vehicle motor and motor drive controller.

The sales partnership will promote AMB products in the markets of Asia, UAE, South America, Africa and other developing areas. AMB products are engineered for simplicity, reliability, and durability. The foundation of our success is built on quality products, competitive lead times and over eighteen years of hands on knowledge.We currently hold more than 40 patents for our products and equipment.

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Our Products:

1 : Low voltage Inverters,medium voltage Inverters and High voltage Inverters.The products are widely applied for speed control of various mechanical power and diverse industries, including energy, power, cement, manufacture, print, machine tool, paper making, textile, etc.

2 : Three-phase induction motor is premium high efficiency, energy saving, high value of state up toque, low noise, low vibration, and reliability of running. It is widely used on the machine tools for cutting metals exhaust fan and transportation machinery.

3 : Explosion-proof motor completes cut off spark inside and outside. Keep safe in working place. Explosion proof motor is widely used on petrochemical, oil and chemical industry where are inflammable, explosive, corrosive gases and in places with special requirement.

4 : Electric vehicle motor is special motor design for electric vehicle, it is three-phase induction motor must be used in combination with motor drive controller to be reliability of running. And motor drive controller process control motor speed up, slow-up, brake and climbing.

 Our Core Strengths


Research and development is at the core of AIMotor’s leading domestic position with over 50 high level electronics and software professionals.They are working in all areas of inverter applications from high, medium and low-voltage inverters and smart power grid solutions. We are also working with the latest fast-response control technology for electric vehicles and marine diesel electric propulsion systems.

Quality control

Our strict quality control starts with stable and established suppliers. All our suppliers are famous enterprises or famous brands at home or abroad.We operate a modern quality control system though the whole production process to assess, adjust and deliver a perfect product to our customers.


Our manufacturing facilities are equipped with automated production lines using imported machinery. The production equipment and testing instruments are leading within the industry. Our spacious factory layout and production lines are designed to international standards making our annual output capacity in excess of 150,000 units.



In 2004, Pass ISO9000 Quality System Certification through TUVVFD-Inverter

In 2006, Software Technology Enterprise in Shenzhen

In 2008, AMB-HVI is awarded as Key and New Product in Guangdong Province

In 2009, National-level New High-tech Enterprise, Top 100 Private Enterprises in Baoan District, Domestic Generic Brand, Top Ten Inverter Brands with Customer Satisfaction in China

In 2010, Pass ISO9001 Quality System Certification: Famous Brand in Shenzhen, Famous Trademark in Guangdong, Technology Innovation Award in Shenzhen, Major Innovation Result Prize in Shenzhen Since Reform And Opening Up for 30 Years, New Record of Enterprise in Shenzhen.

In 2011, energy Services Companies in China, Major Technology Innovation Award, Top Ten National Brands in Domestic Electric Industry

In 2013, Top Ten Famous Inverter Brands in China.

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