Motor development prospects

As one of the indispensable components of mechanical equipment,motors have variety of categories and have wide application fields. According to the different parameters of types, specifications, power, shaft extension, insulation, encoder, rotate speed switch and temperature sensor, and so on, people divide motors into all different categories. Motors can be used in machine, rolling machine, blower, printing machines, pumps, cranes, conveyor belt, production lines, elevator and medical equipment such as X-ray machine, CT, dental surgery tools, ventilator, electric wheelchair.

Motor development prospects

Motor development prospects

As the soul of high performance motor system, control chip and drive technology will play a more and more important role. According to the analysis of the development trend and date of China motor and motor control industry, including servo drive, servo motor, inverter, induction motor, motion controller, CNC and other application market. The rapid development of new energy has led to the rapid growth of the motor industry. Motor industry has broad development prospect.

Motor development prospects

Motor development prospects

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