Three-phase induction motor’s daily maintenance(2)

2. Motor’s daily inspection and maintenance

In daily usage, monitor motor’s starting and operating operation, find out abnormal phenomenon timely and avoid occurrence of accident. The mainly methods of monitoring is watch, hear, touch, smell, ask, and monitor ammeter and voltage meter.

(1) Observe whether there’s noise and vibration in motor. Especially when you hear stifling and heavy “buzz” sound, it’s very likely to be running single phase, you should cut off the supply immediately, otherwise the motor will burnout.

(2) By observing ammeter and voltage meter, you can find out whether the motor is overloaded, three phase current is balanced, and supply voltage is normal so as to find out and deal with problems.

(3) Touch motor’s shell and bearing by hand, check whether it is overheated. If hand can keep close touch over the heating element for a long time, you can conclude that the temperature is under 60℃. If not, you can only force to keep touching for 1-1.5s, it shows that the temperature is over 80℃ and keeping operation will burnout the motor.

B3 AC motor 160x120

(4) Inspect and clean dust and sundries on motor shell and air inlet regularly; check whether the interior of motor is eroded by water, and the tension of belt is appropriate.

(5) Inspect and add grease timely. According to different using condition, every half year to two year we should dismantle the motor, clean the interior of it, add grease and replace the bad parts so as to keep it well maintained.

(6) As for wire-wound motor and DC motor, focus on inspecting the contact between the brush and slip ring and commutator, and the abrasion and sparks of brush.

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