Three-phase induction motor’s daily maintenance(3)

3.Monthly(weekly) maintenance

Monthly(weekly) periodical inspection, mainly refers to motor’s inspection and cleaning without dismantlement, including:

(1) The measurement of insulation resistance. When the insulation resistance is small, get rid of the dust attached to winding, and have dry processing if necessary.

(2) The temperature measurement of every parts. As for important motor, use thermometer to measure and record the temperature of every parts, record the environment temperature at the same time, so as to observe the temperature rise change.

(3) The measurement of vibration. As for large-scale motor or motor of great importance, use vibrometer to measure the vibration condition of the motor.

B3 AC motor 160x120

4.Yearly(half year to two years) maintenance

According to different usage, every half year to two year we should dismantle the motor, clean the interior of it, add grease, repair ill place and replace the bad parts.

A chart about three-phase induction motor’s maintenance is below.


The maintenance of three-phase induction motor
Inspection area Inspection contents Methods Standard Maintenance content Maintenance period
Surrounding environment 1.Environment temperature Thermometer No exceed of stipulated temperature Improve ventilation condition Daily
2.If there is water, oil and corrosive liquid entering into the interior of motor Visual observation No allowance Prevent from entering into inside of motor Daily
3.If there is accumulation of dust and dirt Visual observation No allowance Clear away Daily
Power supply 1.Voltage Voltmeter Fluctuating within ±5% of rated value Inspect power supply Daily
2.Frequency Frequency meter Fluctuating within ±5% of rated value Inspect power supply Daily
Stator 1.Current Ampere meter Below the rated value Thermorelay setting correct Daily
2.Temperature rise Alcohol thermometer, temperature sensing by hand Below the stipulated value   Daily
3.If the inlet and outlet area is smooth Visual observation, temperature sensing by hand Keep smooth Clean Daily
4.Winding insulation resistance Tramegger Above 0.5MΩ during operation Dry Every month (week)
5.Winding insulation weathering and crack, bindings slack Visual observation Should be none Bind well and dip with paint Every half year to two years


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